---The amazing debut novel from Carol Leith ---


During a catastrophe, which threatens his world and the sheltered life he has always known, Young One is transported across the universe into the body of a young boy, known as Flea.


The new Flea must embrace the life he has been catapulted into, with its challenging relationships, while trying to make sense of what has happened. Somehow, he must make the real Flea’s friends believe in him and trust him, for only with their help will he have a chance of restoring balance.




Only one character from his previous life is able to communicate with him, although not all the time and not necessarily when he really needs help! Anukh is his spirit guide, who most commonly takes the earthly form of a seagull.


Despite their original cynicism and downright reluctance, the friends begin to work together. They will need to rely on their wits and instinct to prevent a far worse disaster than anyone could have imagined.


As the adventure unfolds, the friends meet strange new creatures, not of our world, and must learn to adapt to strange new situations. They will even question what the truth is.


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